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Triple Cleanse Smudging Set - Love & Light Jewels
Triple Cleanse Smudging Set - Love & Light Jewels

Triple Cleanse Smudging Set

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“I am now choosing to cleanse myself and release any and all thought forms, beings, situations and energies that are no longer of service to my highest and greatest good.”

This beautiful cleansing kit comes complete with a mini white sage bundle, palo santo stick, selenite wand and a beautiful abalone shell.

Known as an ancient Native American ritual, burning white sage helps to purify the mind, body and spirit. It can also be used the cleanse your environment of all negative energy.

An aromatic incense, palo santo is a natural wood, originating from South America. It has been known for centuries as a spiritual remedy, often used for purifying, cleansing and getting rid of evil spirits.

Selenite, also referred to as “liquid light”, is known for its powerful healing, energizing and cleansing properties. Simply place your selenite wand on your windowsill in your home to maintain a positive living environment.