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“In My Feelings” Manifestation Candle
“In My Feelings” Manifestation Candle

“In My Feelings” Manifestation Candle

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Cue Drake’s “In My Feelings”… :)

Emotions are something we all possess, but some of us find it difficult to honour them. Whether it’s happiness, sadness or anything in between, this candle was created as a reminder that it’s ok to be in your feelings sometimes. 

Made with orange slices, orange peels and cocoa buds, this candle has an uplifting and comforting fragrance that caters to every mood. Adorned with a dreamy chocolate moonstone tumbled stone.  

Moonstone is a "feeling" stone, enhancing understanding via intuition and emotion rather than via intellectual reasoning. It can be helpful in alleviating emotional tension and enhancing creativity and self-expression.

Size: 12 oz

Burn Time: 80 hours