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Heart Shaped Worry Stones

Heart Shaped Worry Stones

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Worry Stones have been used for centuries to help calm, soothe and relieve stress and anxiety. Our heart shaped worry stones fit perfectly in your pocket or purse, and can also act as an aid while meditating.  

How to use your Worry Stone:

Gently move your thumb back and forth over the surface of the worry stone while focusing on a positive affirmation. This act, although so simple, will help release physical tension, ease worries and anxieties. After a few minutes, you should feel a sense of calm and renewed focus on the task at hand.

Amethyst: Protection, Purification, Spirituality

Clear Quartz: Clarity, Harmony, Healing

Green Aventurine: Calmness, Creativity, Imagination

Black Obsidian: Protection, Purification, Metamorphosis

Tiger's Eye: Harmony, Balance, Clarity of Thought

Sodalite: Intelligence, Truth, Perception

Red Agate: Grounding, Creativity, Harmony