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Crystal Infused Reed Diffuser
Crystal Infused Reed Diffuser
Crystal Infused Reed Diffuser
Crystal Infused Reed Diffuser

Crystal Infused Reed Diffuser

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Enhance the energy and mood in your space with LLJ's crystal infused reed diffusers! Our great smelling, aesthetically pleasing reed diffusers will add long lasting fragrance to any room, up to 3 months. Best suited for living rooms, bathrooms, offices and entrances.

Available in white or black reed diffuser sticks.

Black Obsidian: Protection, Purification, Metamorphosis

Fragrance: Top notes of delicate white blossom, mid note of Myanmar teak hardwood base note of subtle leather

Rose Quartz: Love, Compassion, Self Esteem

Fragrance: Top note of rose water, mid note of lily petals, and base note of fresh patchouli.

Clear Quartz: Clarity, Harmony, Healing

Fragrance: Relaxing, rolling coastal waters. Smells natural and fresh.

Usage Instructions: 

  1. Lightly shake bottle to ensure liquid is fully mixed together 
  2. Unscrew gold lid, remove clear stopper, screw back gold lid
  3. Insert your 5 diffuser sticks fanning them out so they aren’t touching
  4. To accelerate scent releasing process, after one hr of sticks being in oil, flip them upside down and put dry ends into the liquid 
  5. Wash your hands and display in your preferred room
  6. Allow 24-36 hrs for scent to start releasing 


  • Do not ingest
  • Do not light reed sticks, oil is highly flammable