natural-agate-80x80 Agate Natural: A grounding stone. Improves perception and analytical qualities. Balances the yin and yang, and harmonizes physical, emotional, mental and etheric qualities. Soothing and calming. Raises consciousness and builds self-confidence. Stabilizes aura, and eliminates negativity. Overcomes bitterness of the heart and inner anger. Fosters love, truthfulness, and courage. Excellent for meditation! (Chakras: base, throat)

pink-agate-80x80Agate Pink: Promotes love between parent and child.

blue-agate-80x80Agate Blue: Calms, cools, lifts thoughts and takes spiritual inspirations to high vibrations.

green-agate-80x80Agate Green: Enhances mental and emotional flexibilities and improves decision-making. Resolves disputes.

amazonite-11-80x80Amazonite: Bluish -green colour. Aligns electrical and mental bodies. Invigorates all meridians. Attracts money. Assures success. Brings joy. Soothes the nervous system. Broadens the thinking process.

amethyst-2-80x80 Amethyst: Powerful mental healer, controller of your mind, protector, enhances psychic abilities and spiritual awareness. Clears, dispels, and transmutes negative energy. Always place near front entrance in the home or business. Calms the mind, enhances meditation and visualization. Disperses psychic attack. Ameliorates anger, fear, rage, and resentment. Aids in the simulation of new ideas. Connects cause and effect. Promotes selflessness. Relieves physical and emotional pain. Boosts production of hormones, strengthens cleansing organs, and circulatory system, calms nervous system, and unites scattered energies. Excellent for healing and meditation. Provides the healer with wisdom, understanding and the added depth needed to be of the greatest help in healing. (Chakras: third eye, crown).

Ametrine-80x80Ametrine: Strength for decisions, communications with God, inspiration, psychic powers, polarization, sense of responsibility, capacity for establishing relationships, perception capacity.

aquamarine-2-80x80Aquamarine: Reduces stress, quiets the mind, shares intellect, reduces fears, increases creativity, and enhances intuition and spiritual awareness. Excellent for meditation! (Chakra: throat)

Aventurine-80x80 Aventurine: Enhances creativity, brings prosperity. Diffuses negativity, balances male-female energy. Helps see alternatives and possibilities. Promotes growth during first seven years of life. Clears mental blocks. Excellent for meditation! (Chakras: sacral, solar plexus, heart)

CALCITE-31-80x80 Calcite: Energy amplifier, uplifts emotions, aids willpower, opens heart chakra, connects intellect and emotions. Alleviates emotional stress, brings peace and serenity. Aids memory and brings insight. (Chakras: Gold calcite for crown)

Carnelian-80x80Carnelian: Grounds and anchors into present surroundings. Removes fear of death, brings acceptance of cycle of life. Improves analytical abilities and clarifies perception. Motivates success in business; aids in making positive life choices; dispels apathy. Clears extraneous thoughts in meditation, heals the body, protects against rage and resentment. Capacity to cleanse other stones. Influences female reproductive organs increasing fertility. Warms and energizes. The carnelian, a stone to use if your life has fallen into a rut. It stimulates a new train of thought, increasing motivation and opening new avenues for success. It aligns you with your life purpose. Excellent for meditation! (Chakras: sacral, base) (Alter major part of “new age” expanded chakra system, located in nasal area.)

Celestite-80x80Celestite: Used by Bengali priests to colour flames and impress or frighten followers. Revitalizing, awakens spirituality, elevating, regenerative, ensures fluency in communication, useful for dream recall. (Chakras: throat, crown)

Chalcedony-80x80 Chalcedony: A stone of brotherhood, promotes group stability, alleviates hostility, and promotes benevolence. Increases physical energy. Balances body, emotions, mind, and spirit. Eases self-doubts, facilitates constructive inward reflection. Aids by improving dementia and senility.

Chrysocolla-80x80 Chrysocolla: Excellent in helping with women’s sicknesses, releases fear, guilt and illusions. Helps to clear out imbalance of the subconscious. Amplifies thinking. Increases interior peace, knowledge and love.

Chrysoprase-80x80 Chrysoprase: A relaxation stone encourages peaceful sleep. Promotes hope and eloquence, gives personal insight. Calming and non-egotistical, creates openness to new situations and makes one open to new surroundings. Helps you to remain relaxed at times of change, bringing fresh ideas. It draws out unknown talents, stimulating creativity. Energizes the heart, chakra and body. Enhances fertility and is said to guard against sexually transmitted diseases.

citrine-21-80x80 Citrine: “Stone of prosperity”. Attracts wealth and success. Brings happiness, generosity and good fortune. Energizes and invigorates, increases motivation and physical energy, activating creativity. Promotes inner calmness, dissipates negative energy. Excellent for meditation! (Chakras: sacral, solar plexus)

EMERALD-11-80x80 Emerald: Gives physical, emotional, and mental equilibrium, focuses intentions, raises consciousness, and fosters positive action. Provides inspiration and gives infinite patience. “Stone of successful love”, bringing domestic bliss and loyalty. It enhances joy and the positive qualities of life. (Chakras: heart)

Feldspar-80x80 Feldspar: Inspiration and success with love. Encourages personal relationships, unmasks the enemy, and dignifies emotional life.

fluorite-80x80 Fluorite: Protective stone, especially on psychic level. Protects against computer and electromagnetic stress. Aids in physical and mental coordination. Heightens intuitive powers. Rekindles sexual libido. Excellent for meditation! (Chakras: third eye)

Garnet-80x80 Garnet: Represents love. Attuned to heart energy, revitalizes feelings and enhances sexuality. Controls anger, especially towards oneself. Energizes and revitalizes, balancing energy, bringing serenity. Activates other crystals, clears negative chakra energy and inspires love.

Hematite-80x80 Hematite: Grounding, protecting and balancing. Boosts self-esteem. Aids in concentration, focus, willpower, reliability, and confidence. Enhances memory and original thought. Removes self-limitations. A yang stone, balances the meridians of the body. Dissolves negativity. Beneficial for legal situations. Supports timid women . Excellent for meditation! (Chakras: base, throat)

Jade-80x80 Jade: Symbol of purity, serenity and increased love. Calms nervous system, channels passion in constructive ways. Harmonizes dysfunctional relationships. Releases negative thoughts, soothing the mind. A protective stone that brings harmony. “Dream stone”, aids in emotional beliefs through dreams, manifests dreams. (Chakras: heart, crown)

Jasper-blood-80x80Jasper (Blood): Aligns basic and blood chakras. Stimulates kundalini movement, internal guide, invigorates and oxygenates blood and increases physical vigor. Calms fears and eliminates anger. Brings good fortune and prolongs sexual pleasure. Healing powers. (Chakras: base)

Jasper-Ocean-80x80 Jasper (Ocean): Brings tranquility and wholeness. Through tranquility, you will be able to bring problems to light before they become a threat to your happiness. (Chakras: heart)

Jasper-Zebra-80x80 Jasper (Zebra): Aids in quick thinking and ability to see. Because it enhances energy, it can prolong sexual pleasure. Assists in problem solving. (Chakras: position anywhere)

Jasper-Red-80x80 Jasper (Red): Supreme nurturer. Brings tranquility and wholeness, protection and grounding. Aids in quick- thinking and organizational abilities and the ability to see projects through. Aligns chakras, facilitates shamanic journeys and dream recall. Prolongs sexual pleasure. Promotes vitality and virility (Chakras: position anywhere)

Kunzite-80x80 Kunzite: Helps to ground spiritual love.

raw-lapis-lazuli-80x80 Lapis Lazuli: A stone of protection and enlightenment, enhancing dream work and psychic abilities. Quickly releases stress, bringing deep peace. Powerful thought amplifier. Stimulates higher faculties of mind, promoting objectivity and clarity. Promotes creativity and attunement to source. Contacts spiritual guardians. Harmonizes physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual levels. A cool and calming crystal. Excellent for meditation! (Chakras: throat, third eye, solar plexus)

Malachite-80x80 Malachite: “Stone of transformation”. Draws out deep feelings of hurt and resentment, breaks unwanted ties and outworn patterns of behaviour. Clears and activates chakras, clarifies emotions, releases negative experience, aids visualization and psychic vision. Aids gout, asthma, arthritis, tumours. Excellent for meditation! (Chakras: solar plexus, heart)

MICA-21-80x80 Mica: Indicated for stress, fears, melancholy, keeps radiation away, tendency to forget, calming down, and peace.

Moonstone-80x80Moonstone: “Some of the new beginning”! Connected to the moon and intuition. Soothes and calms emotional liability and overreactions. Reflective, makes conscious the unconscious, aids intuition and empathy. Feminine stone, associated with psychic abilities and cleansing. Powerful effect upon female reproductive cycle, balances fluid imbalances, attunes to biorhythmic clock. Used for premenstrual syndrome, conception, pregnancy, and childbirth. Excellent for meditation! (Sacral, heart)

Nephrite-80x80 Nephrite: The “axe stone”. Harmonizes dysfunctional relationships, increases vitality, encourages harmony, puts things into perspective, inspires wisdom. Prolongs life, aids in dream works. (Chakras: heart & crown)

Obsidian-80x80 Obsidian: Used by Aztecs for guessing. Centralizes by keeping one’s feet one the ground. Unlocks the subconscious.

Onyx-80x80Onyx: Strength-giving. Beneficial during difficult or confusing periods. Centres and aligns with higher power. Promotes vigor, stamina, and making wise decisions. Aids in learning lessons, self–confidence, fears and worries.

Opal-80x80Opal: Enhances cosmic consciousness, originality, and dynamic creativity. Fosters love and passion. Induces visions. Brings about loyalty, faithfulness and spontaneity. Amplifies personal traits. Emotionally responsive, encourages emotional stability. Strengthens the memory.

Peridot-80x80 Peridot: Cleanser of subtle and physical bodies and mind. Releases negative patterns and vibrations, promotes clarity and well-being. Releases and neutralizes toxins on all levels. Visionary stone, bringing understanding of destiny and purpose of existence, especially helpful to healers. It puts you in touch with the ultimate truth. Opens the heart and solar plexus chakras, regulates cycle of life. Alleviates jealousy and anger, reduces stress, and motivates growth and necessary changes. Has a tonic effect on healing and strengthening.

Aids by easing birth contractions.

PYRITE-31-80x80Pyrite: Similar to gold, it is considered the stone that attracts money, richness and helps in making good money deals.

crystal-quartz-31-80x80 Quartz Crystal (Clear Quartz): One of the most powerful healing stones. An energy amplifier doubles auric field, storing, releasing, and regulating energy on physical and mental dimensions. Generates electromagnetic energy and dispels static electricity. A deep soul cleanser. Dissolves karmic seeds. Enhances psychic awareness and amplifies psychic abilities. Connects physical dimensions with the mind, stimulates the immune system. This crystal provides an optimum state of openness. It guides you in search for purpose and meaning in your life. Excellent for meditation! (All chakras particularly crown)

Quartz-Green-80x80 Quartz Green: Opens and stabilizes heart chakra. Transmutes negative energy and inspires creativity.

Quartz-rose-80x80 Quartz Rose: Attunes to energy of unconditional love and heals the heart. Opens chakra, soothes a wounded heart. Teaches to love oneself, love again, self-trust and self- worth. Said to increase fertility. A cool and calming crystal. A child’s stone. Excellent for meditation! (Chakras: base, solar plexus, heart)

Quartz-Rutilated-80x80 Quartz Rutilated: Communicator of intuitions. If assistance is needed in making a decision this quartz will come to your aid. Brings resolve and strength of will, self-reliance, and the ability to make decisions. It helps you to be quietly confident. Gets to the root of problems. Aids in astral travels, heightens energetic impulse of quartz. Focuses on non-physical attunement. Excellent for meditation! (Chakras: sacral)

Quartz-Smoky-80x80 Quartz Smoky: Aids in elimination and detoxification on all levels. Relieves fear, lifts depression, bringing calmness and positive thought. Useful for radiation-related illnesses or chemotherapy. Aids in the acceptance of the body, cleans base chakra. Aids in virility.Grounds spiritual energy neutralizes negative energy. Alleviates nightmares, manifests dreams. A traditional stone for crystal gazing that focuses and grounds intuition. Excellent for meditation! (Chakras: solar plexus)

Ruby-80x80 Ruby: Energizes and balances but may over stimulate. A leadership stone which encourages “following your bliss”. Shields against psychic attack, promotes positive dreams. Aids the retainment of wealth and passion.

Sapphire-Blue-80x80 Sapphire (Blue): Relaxes, focuses, and calms the mind, releasing unwanted thoughts and mental tension, promoting peace of mind and serenity. Aligns physical, mental, and spiritual planes by restoring balance within the body. Supports the body to carry out purpose. Releases depression and spiritual confusion, aids concentration. An “eye stone”, which removes impurities and stress. Brings about prosperity, attracting gifts and releasing frustration.

tiger-eye-80x80 Tiger’s-Eye: Protective stone shows correct use of power. Aids in accomplishing goals, and recognizing inner resources. Brings clarity of intention. Anchors change into physical body. Integrates brain hemispheres, balances yin and yang energies, and energizes the body. Enhances psychic abilities. Excellent for meditation! (Chakras: base, sacral)

Sodalite-80x80Sodalite: Unites logic and intuition, eliminates mental confusion. Encourages rational thought, objective, truth, intuitive perception, and the verbalization of feelings. Calms mind, allowing new information to be received. Brings about emotional balance. Aids group work. (Chakras: throat)

Topaz-Blue-80x80 Topaz (Blue): Directs energy. Soothes, heals, stimulates, recharges and motivates by raising energy levels. Promotes truth and forgiveness. Sheds light on the path, taps into inner resources. Brings joy and generosity, and manifestation of good health. Cleans the aura.

Topaz-yellow-80x80 Topaz (Yellow): Recharges, revitalizes, and strengthens faith and optimism. Attracts helpful people. Its colour is like the sun bursting through clouds, and it boosts energy with its warm, vital life-giving force. (Chakras: sacral)

Tourmaline-Green-80x80 Tourmaline (Green): An excellent problem solver. Grounds spiritual energies, clears chakras, forms protective shields, facilitates weight loss, purifies and strengthens the nervous system. Rejuvenates and inspires creativity. Blocks negative energies.

Tourmaline-Black-80x80 Tourmaline (Black): Protects against negativity, spells, and ill- wishing! Great curing power, magnetically and electrically. The black stones are the most beneficial. Helps with dreams and attracts thoughts by making them a reality.

Turquoise-80x80 Turquoise: This stone unites the earth and sky, making it particularly valuable in spiritual work. It aids in search for one’s true self. It heals and protects. Its purifying effect dispels negative energy. Empathetic and balancing, it unites male and female. A promoter of self-realization, excellent for creative problem-solving. Heals the whole body. Excellent for meditation! (Chakras: throat)