About LLJ

Working from fuelled passion is something I’ve always desired. No matter what type of work I do, it must come from a place of love and service to others, or it just doesn’t feel right.

Four years ago, I decided to make amethyst and white jade beaded bracelets for as thank you gifts for my image consulting clients. The purpose of those bracelets was to act as a daily reminder of self-discovery and self-love to it’s wearer. During this same time, I embarked on my spiritual journey, discovering an overwhelming interest in gemstones and crystals, reiki energy, meditation and yoga. I started seeking guidance and confirmation from the Universe and my spiritual guides. Almost simultaneously, the demand for these beautiful, gemstone bracelets grew and grew. People wanted to share with others the love and light these bracelets possessed, and so, as the universe would have it, Love & Light Jewels was born.

To be able to fulfill my duties as a light worker, feed my passion for art and design, and make a sustainable living means the absolute world to me. It is one of my biggest one of my biggest blessings to date. I’m so incredibly grateful to have the opportunity to do what I love daily, and my only hope is that I am able to continue to live this life of passion and purpose and teach my daughters that anything is possible if you simply have faith, be in constant action daily, and always BELIEVE.

Thank you, so much for being a part of my journey.