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Sacral Chakra: 101

The Sacral Chakra is the second chakra and is known to be the centre of pleasure, enjoyment and creativity.

Located in the lower abdomen, the sacral chakra represents the very centre of “You.” The chakra originates from the Sanskrit word “Svadhishthana,” which translates as “one’s own place” and refers to the true and untarnished aspects of the real you.

The colour associated with the second chakra is orange, which stands for warmth and emotion. Someone with a balanced second chakra radiates warmth and is able to speak openly about emotions.

So how can you find out whether your chakra is out of balance? Generally, people with an imbalance 2nd Chakra will feel plenty of shame, guilt, or internal pain.

Passion and love are very hard to come by in this state and impossible to nourish. Self-doubt, depression, and the acceptance of false reality are all serious problems when the sacral chakra is not at its best.

These are areas that can affect every other chakra on your body, and affect your entire being if your 2nd chakra is not balanced. This is why maintaining the positive health of this particular chakra is so important.

People with an opened Svadhisthana generally are:

  • passionate
  • present in their body
  • sensual
  • creative
  • connected to their feeling.
  • feeling emotionally stable
  • feeling joyful most of the time

People with an blocked Svadhisthana:

  • find it hard to associate with other people and the world around
  • can’t keep emotions and ability in balance
  • are unemotional
  • feel insecure
  • fail to deal with life’s changes
  • lack self-confidence

Other signs that can indicate a closed 2nd chakra would include depression, constant anxiety, constant fear, and a complete lack of joy in one’s life.

Some crystals that are helpful in activating and balancing the sacral chakra include: beryl, orange jasper, carnelian, citrine, orange calcite and sunstone.

Physical Activities you can partake in the support and strengthen the sacral chakra include: hip-opening yoga postures, dancing, toning exercises, swimming or spending time by bodies of water like lakes and oceans.

The consumption of naturally occurring orange fruits and vegetables is also an effective way to activate and balance the root chakra. All the while, make sure that when you are doing all of these things, you are doing them with intention & devotion.

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