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Brunch & Bubbly: Female Boss Series

There's something truly magical about putting a group of beautiful, talented, supportive, encouraging women in a room together. Add a little food, music and of course, some bubbly, and you have a unforgettable afternoon of creating memories and authentic connection.

On Saturday June 2nd, Love & Light Jewels had the honour of not only being an official vendor but also a participant at the very first Brunch & Bubbly: Female Boss Series.

It was a powerful afternoon full of education, engagement and empowerment. Over 50 women gathered together to learn from and celebrate each other at the Aloft Vaughan Hotel a beautiful Hotel and event space in Vaughan, Ontario, Canada.  

The panelists was a group of incredibly successful business women, sharing with us some of their most intimate experiences, trials, tribulations and victories throughout their entrepreneurial journeys. They were honest, open, raw and authentic, reminding us that being an entrepreneur, especially a female entrepreneur, is not easy. But through it all, we are strong and resilient. And if they can do it, and achieve such levels of greatness and success, we can too! 

I never take for granted being given the opportunity to share my company with others. Being able to educate people on the power of crystals and gemstones is truly a blessing and I'm so grateful to have been a part of this beautiful event. The connections that were made and the energy I was surrounded by truly amazing!

I look forward to taking part in many more events like these because life is about creating moments and building relationships that will last a lifetime. It's about lifting each other up and encouraging one another to be the person they were destined to be without fear or doubt. Surrounding yourself with people that hold beautiful energy and desire to share it with you is one of the great parts of living your best life. So, let's toast to that! 


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